Roadsoft is a roadway asset management system for collecting, storing, analyzing and communicating on data associated with transportation infrastructure. Roadsoft software suite is built on a robust combination of database engine, GIS mapping tools, and mobile technologies.


Roadsoft's laptop and mobile apps enable you to collect detailed information for pavement, signs, and other roadway assets.


Asset management analysis tools enable you to create and deploy efficient construction and maintenance strategies.



Data mining and reports summarize specific data, enhancing understanding among transportation stakeholders.


A Software Suite Optimized for Roadway Asset Management

Since 1992, Roadsoft has empowered customers with the right tools for inexpensively collecting and storing accurate roadway related data. Asset management systems require good data, and the availability of inexpensive, accurate data is critical to the success of an asset management program. Data collection is also one of the largest costs of managing an asset management system.

The Roadsoft Software Suite not only includes data warehouse, analysis, and reporting tools within the Roadsoft application for desktop, but the Roadsoft Laptop Data Collector (LDC) provides customers with an efficient and cost-effective means to collect and maintain roadway asset data from a moving vehicle, and Roadsoft Mobile provides a streamlined paperless option for the management of sign and culvert work orders, maintenance, and inspections.

Customers can trust Roadsoft to aid them in decision-making through the use of its powerful analysis tools, and they can feel confident in communicating their decisions and analyses to their stakeholders when their information is backed by Roadsoft reporting.

Latest News

The Roadsoft Roundup issue 20.3 is now available. This issue of the Roadsoft Roundup provides an overview of the updated features and functionality related to Routine Maintenance  and the Project...

The latest releases for Roadsoft and Laptop Data Collector (LDC) are now available. These releases update Roadsoft and the LDC to version 2020.10.  This minor update includes minor bug fixes and...

Given the current situation due to COVID-19, the Center for Technology & Training (CTT) is not able to provide face-to-face technical assistance like we have in the past with our Roadsoft on the...

The Roadsoft Roundup issue 20.2 is now available. This issue of the Roadsoft Roundup provides an overview of the updated features and functionality added to the Drainage Network module. It also...

The Roadsoft Roundup issue 20.1 is now available. This issue of the Roadsoft Roundup provides an overview of the Roadsoft migration process.  Roadsoft 2020.3 included the first Roadsoft data...

Roadsoft Roundup v18n4 is now available. This issue provides a wrap-up of the 2018 Roadsoft User Conference of the United States (RUCUS), and provides information about the 2020 RUCUS. It announces...

Microsoft announced that after January 14, 2020, they will no longer provide security updates or support for Windows 7. In response to this announcement, the CTT will also no longer support or allow...

Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008R2 are reaching the end of their extended support lifecycle in July, 2019. Microsoft’s blog contains more information regarding their...

Roadsoft Roundup volume 19 issue 4 is now available. This issue of the Roadsoft Roundup address the comments and questions received in the Roadsoft 2020 work plan survey. The issue also gives a...

Roadsoft & LDC Update – Version 2020.3 is Now Available This is a major version release for Roadsoft. Major releases for Roadsoft contain the newest framework (map), along with other features...

Upcoming Training and Events


Hosted by Center for Technology & Training @ Webinar

Learn how to:

> Enter road & bridge project data
> Translate Roadsoft treatments to Investment Reporting Tool (IRT) project classifications
> Export TAMC project reporting files for the IRT
> Upload files to the IRT
> Complete the TAMC reporting requirements


Hosted by Center for Technology & Training @ Webinar

Topics include:

> Understanding the Drainage Structure module
> Adding drainage pipes and structures
> Drawing drainage basins and pipes
> Using modules and filters
> Using the Laptop Data Collector (LDC) to collect drainage structure locations and data
> Using the Drainage Network Module in the Mobile app